Ventilation set Sileo 100mm + Carboair 350m3/h

  • Ventilation set Sileo 100mm + Carboair 350m3/h
  • Ventilation set Sileo 100mm + Carboair 350m3/h
  • AVOIN TUULETIN RVK Sileo 100E2 - 184m3/h
  • HIILISUODATIN CarboAir 350 fi100mm - 350m3/h
  • Kanavaliitin 100mm
  • 60-165 mm Kiristin
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  • Paketti sisältää:
  • Sileo 100mm Avoin Tuuletin 184m3/h
  • Hiilisuodatin Carboair 350m3/h
  • Ilmastointiputki
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1. Inline fan RVK Sileo 100E2 - 184m3/h

  • Model: Sileo 100E2
  • Diameter: Ø100mm
  • Airflow: 184m³/h

The RVK fan is an industry staple.

Ideal for use as an extractor or intake fan. Suitable to ventilate wet or damp rooms, versatility makes this product a consistent bestseller. Easy to connect and simple to install in virtually any position, RVK fans feature an energy efficient backwards curved motorised impeller and can be powered directly from the mains or via a speed controller to regulate speed and airflow.

The fibreglass and polypropylene casing makes the fans incredibly robust whilst the dynamically balanced impeller reduces vibration and noise making the RVK quiet, yet powerful, securing it as a favourite with growers from entry level to experienced.

Designed with safety in mind the product features thermal protection to prevent overheating and an IP44 rated terminal box. Extremely reliable and maintenance free, the RVK fan offers the quality synonymous with German manufacture, and this is supported by a two year warranty.

2. Carbon filter CarboAir 350 fi100mm - 350m3/h

  • Model: 100-330
  • Flange: Ø100mm
  • Length: 330 mm
  • Weight: 4,1 kg
  • Lifespan: 18-24m
  • Filtration: Max - 350m3/h
  • Humidity: - 80%

CarboAir50 Carbon Filter These offer the ultimate in air scrubbing. Machine packed with certified virgin carbon ensures maximum carbon density with less movement than other filters. These filters offer a cone-shaped internal base for optimum airflow. The 55,5% open air custom mesh design helps make it half the weight of other filters. Sealed, bagged, boxed, and shipped immediately after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling, and presentation.


◾Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight. Half the weight of other filters.
◾Sealed, bagged, boxed, and labeled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling, and presentation.
◾Unique "Anti Air Bypass" System.
◾A large selection of sizes is available to fit any application.
◾Flange & pre-filter included.

3. Fast clamp 100mm

4. 102mm aluminium ventilation duct

5. 60-165 mm Clamp

6. Cable with EU plug 2m

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