Hesi Orchivit 5L

  • Hesi Orchivit 5L
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  • Vaihe: kasvu, kukinta
  • Kasvava: maaperä, kookot, hydroponiikka
OrchiVit is a complete fertiliser and a booster at the same time. It provides everything to pamper our orchids and other favourites. Orchivit contains the nutrients of TNT Complex combined with the vitamins and other vital substances from Root Complex and SuperVit. Sounds like the dream Hesi product, right? 

Wild orchids live high up in the trees without any substrate. They depend on what is blown towards them by the wind. This can also be a dead insect that is not directly usable. In nature, orchids enter into symbiotic relationships with fungi in the roots, they help to convert organic substances into usable nutrients. These fungi have a hard time in indoor culture, but the plentiful amount of vitamins in OchiVit keeps the orchid in an excellent condition. 

  • Powerful, but gentle to the plants. 
  • Also for other plants, they will love it. 
  • Easy to use, a combination of Hesi's best products in one bottle.


Some of the more than 30000 orchid species on earth have been shown to contain toxic substances. One species, which is occasionally offered in garden centers, even contains hallucinogenics. Our favourite orchid, the Phalaenopsis, on the other hand, is comparatively less dangerous. But here, too, caution is advised: The tubers or roots contain many bitters that attack the liver. Children like to play in the soil, and if the root is damaged and the child puts its fingers in its mouth, it may cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting.  Even with animals some caution is needed. The flowers and leaves contain few bitters, so it's less likely your pets will even want to nibble of them. But if pets chew on the leaves, the plants must be moved out of reach.
  • Slow growing plants: 1-2 ml / 1 L
  • Fast growing plants: 3-5 ml / 1 L
  • Foliar fertilisation: 1 ml / 1 L


  • NPK Fertiliser 4-2-3
  • Plus secondary nutrients, chelated micro-elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and others


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