Gavita TripleStar 400W HPS Electronic set

  • Gavita TripleStar 400W HPS Electronic set
  • Perusheijastin GAVITA TRIPLESTAR 600
  • Gavita Enhanced  HPS 400W
  • Gavita DigiStar 400W E-Series
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  • Gavita DigiStar 400W E-Series with Gavita TripleStar reflector and lamp HPS 400W Enhanced
  • Power: 400W
  • light source: Gavita Pro 400W Enhanced HPS E40
  • Lumen output: 56.500 lumen
  • PPF output: 720µMol / Sec (1,8µMol/W)

Technical specifictions


Input voltage

240 Volt AC ±10%

Input power 100%

430 Watt

Input power 110%

473 Watt

Input current 100%

1.9 Amp

Input current 110%

2,1 Amp


50-60 Hz

Power factor

> 0.95

Ambient temperature

0 - 35°C


< 70% (Non condensing)

Power inlet

IEC C14, Input cable 10ft / 3m with 240V plug

Output connection

IEC C14, Output cable 13ft / 4m

External dim connection

RJ14 (6p4c)

Reflector material

Miro HR96 (efficiency 96%)

Dimensions Digital ballast

360mm (length) x 180mm (width) x 110mm (height)

Weight Digital ballast

3,0 kg

Dimensions reflector

470mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 157mm (height)

Weight reflector

2,0 kg

Light source

Gavita Pro 400W Enhanced HPS E40

PPF output

720µMol / Sec (1,8µMol/W)

Lumen output

56.500 (141Lux/W)


Feaures and benefits


  • Complete kit for the growing and flowering phase

  • Gavita DigiStar 400W E-Series electronic ballast

  • Dimmable up to 250W, 275W, 400W, 440W

  • Controllable by switch or Gavita Master Controller

  • Gavita Pro 400W Enhanced HPS E40 bulb

  • Three stage adjustable reflector

  • No acoustic resonance

  • 10-25% more light than traditional lighting

  • light maintenance up to 96% per 5000 hours

  • Gavita system and concept design

  • Microprocessor control, LED status indicator

  • Very low heat generation and optimal cooling




Gavita DigiStar adjustable electronic ballasts guarantee maximum lamp power regardless of input voltage fluctuations. They are completely silent, cool, safe and more efficient than magnetic ballasts.

DigiStar ballasts have an adjustable output power. This feature allows you to dim and boost the lamp or use different lamp wattages with the same ballast, for example a 400W lamp for vegetative growth and a 600W lamp for flowering.


The Gavita Pro 400W Enhanced HPS lamp operates at a very high frequency which gives the highest level of PAR light (10-25% more light than traditional lighting).

Better spectrum and highest efficiency - (after more than a year of use, we still get> 96% PAR light).


The Gavita TripleStar reflector can be set in 3 different positions: wide, medium or deep. You can hang the reflector high above the plants in a deep position for better climate control, or close to the plants in the wide position for tight spaces. For each position, the homogeneity of the light is better than 90%. In configurations with more reflectors, they can be adjusted asymmetrically: wide in the center for more overlap and better uniformity, and deep at the sides to direct the light down from the wall.


The lamps can be controlled by a switch, or it can be connected to the Gavita Master Controller. Up to several hundred lamps can be connected to one Gavita Master Controller, which allows you to control the power between 250Watt and 440Watt (50% - 110%).


The Gavita Digistar connects to the Triple-Star Reflector with a 4 meter output cable with IEC C14 plug (included).


The Triple-Star reflector is easy to install thanks to two symmetrical hooks. Special handles (SunGrip) are available as accessories.

The Gavita Triple-Star system with a 400W Enhanced bulb covers the surface of:

Deep position: 2 x 2ft / 60 x 60cm, height between lamp and plant is 1.3ft / 40cm.

Medium position: 1.6 x 2.5ft / 50 x 75cm, height between lamp and plant is 1.3ft / 40cm.

Wide position: 1.5 x 2.6ft / 45 x 80cm, height between lamp and plant is 1.3ft / 40cm.



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