Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow A&B 500ml

  • Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow A&B 500ml
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  • Fas: tillväxt
  • För odling i: jord, kokos, hydroponics
  • Dosering: 4ml/L

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow is an advanced base nutrient not for beginners. You can start in the vegetative phase with pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow and switch to pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom. This base nutrient will increase your crop,  make it bigger, and maximize its potential. 

pH Perfect Connoisseur® Grow base nutrients are not for everyone, and you need to have some experience to benefit from it the most. To get the best results, you also need to know the environment, external nutrition, and quality of the seeds, which also makes a difference. 

This nutrition has a sophisticated nutritional foundation with premium products and delivers these to your plants in more than one form. Therefore, your plants will take up every single ingredient to thrive and prepare to produce amazing flowers and fruits. pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow will give you stronger, healthier plants and branches.

With the pH Perfect formula in the base nutrients, you no longer have to regulate the pH with pH+ or pH-. This formula automatically regulates the pH value so that your plants can take up the nutrition they need when they need it. 

You will be adding humic acid fertilizer (that gives better chelation, nutrient absorption, and pH buffering), Wet Betty (a wetting agent that provides better absorption for the roots), and multiple Amino Acids that increase the absorption of micronutrients. 

Advanced Nutrients provides users with products that work, cost less, and last longer, creating fantastic results.


  • Shake well before use.

  • You can use it on plants in any type of grow system and substrate.

  • You can use it throughout the vegetative phase.

  • Add part A to the water, mix well and then add part B, do not mix outside the water.

  • Always use part A and B together, and using them separately will not have the same effect. 

  • Use in irrigation.


  • 1ml/L water for cuttings.

  • 2ml/L water for medium plants.

  • 4ml/L water for large plants.

  • The amounts are the same for each part.


pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow PART A 

  • 4% Nitrogen

  • 3.5% Calcium

  • 0.9% Magnesium

  • 0.1% Humic Acids

  • 0.05% Iron

  • Zinc

  • Manganese

  • Boron

  • Cobalt

  • Copper

  • Molybdenum

  • Amino acids

  • Acidity Stabilizers

pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow PART B

  • 7% Potassium.

  • 2% phosphorus.

  • 1.5% Sulfur.

  • 1% Nitrogen.

  • Fulvic Acids.

  • Acidity stabilizers.



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