Mars Hydro TS-3000 450W LED

  • Mars Hydro TS-3000 450W LED
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  • Model: TS-3000
  • Power: 450W
  • Power consumption: 450W±5%
  • Efficiency: 2.7 µmol/j
  • Area: 122 cm x 122 cm
  • Weight: 5,6 kg
  • Dimensions: 99,6 x 25,3 x 9 cm
  • Lifespan: 100 000 h
  • Warranty: 5 years

TSL2000 provides perfect retangular lighting coverage for 3-6 indoor plants and for decorative Floral Shelf as well. Affordable price, intuitive yields and dimming and daisy chain function guarantee its salability.

Spectrum 660-665nm, 730-740nm, 3000-3200K, 6000-6500K
Power Draw 300W±5%
Replace HPS/HID 400W
Max Coverage 5ftx3ft=150x 90 cm
PPE 2.6umol/J
Max Yield 2.3g/watt
Chip Brand BridgeLux
Input Voltage 100-277V(AC)
Amp Draw 2.550A/120v, 1.311A/240v, 1.135A/277v
Lumen 50304 lumen±5% / AC120V
Product Size 1018*253.32*63.8MM
Gross Weight 6.8KG
Net Weight 3.561KG
Noise Level 0 DB
Cord Length 6ft


Great Budget Grow Light For Beginners – Consuming 300 watts and providing 778 umol/S of PPF, TSL2000  LED grow light has the ability to replace a 450w HPS light, while reducing 40% power intake. *Match with 120x60cm grow tent , 4 inch fan with carbon filter kits

Unique Reflective Aluminum Hood – Mars TS lights use highly reflective material with a refraction angle of 120° as the quantum board. It can cover a wider reflector range to enhance its light intensity and effectively reflect the scattered light back to the plants, which increases the light utilization rate by 25%, allowing plants to receive more energy without burning them for maximum headroom.

Dimmable & Multi-Connection Features – By turning a dimmer knob, TSL2000 is more convenient for growers to adjust the brightness from 0% to 100%. The daisy-chaining feature helps growers who have multiple grow lights to manage their lighting settings better. Up to 30 lights can be connected and controlled by one master lamp.

Marvelous Luminescence –The luminescence of TS grow lights is similar to HID’s, to meet the needs of growers with HID grow lights perfectly. Meanwhile, Mars Hydro TS led grow lights have high luminous efficiency. The PPE (Photosynthetic photon efficacy) of TSL2000 is as high as 2.6 umol/j.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lighting – Mars Hydro TSL2000 is a full spectrum grow light that emits all of the light in the wavebands of 400nm-700nm, which is known as “PAR”, excellent for Photosynthesis. There’s extra infrared light (730-740nm) added to promote flowering for better harvests.

No Fan Design, No Noise – Mars TS Series lights apply a whole layer of aluminum heatsinks to disperse heat quickly instead of noisy fans. Passive heat management achieves optimal heat dissipation without the worry of broken fans. The drivers of TSL2000 is removable with a 2-meter-long extension cord so growers can put the driver outside the grow tent or grow room which helps lower the growing room temperature.

Safety Certified & Excellent Customer Care – All Mars Hydro LED grow lights have been CE, ETL, RoHS, and UKCA certified, safe to use worldwide. Mars Hydro officially guarantees 24 hours customer service, a 5-year limited warranty, and local warehouses & repair centers to offer the best after-sale services to growers around the world.

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